Vital freight infrastructure for South West Sydney

Project Background 

The Sydney Intermodal Terminal Alliance (SIMTA) is proposing to develop much needed infrastructure to service the growing demand for freight in South West Sydney.

SIMTA’s intermodal terminal would support efficient rail freight movement between Port Botany, Australia’s most important port, and Moorebank.

It would enable freight to be moved by rail along the Southern Sydney Freight Line between Port Botany and Moorebank.

This would remove freight trucks from the M5 between Port Botany and Moorebank, easing congestion on this arterial road and increase capacity at Port Botany.

As a result, the number of trucks on Sydney’s roads related to Port Botany would be reduced by more than 2,700 vehicles per day.

SIMTA is also examining the opportunity to create an integrated precinct at Moorebank, following the Moorebank Intermodal Company (MIC) decision to negotiate with SIMTA about development and operation of the Commonwealth Government’s Moorebank Intermodal Terminal.

Should these talks be successful, the project would be integrated into a logistics precinct with only one port related intermodal terminal, servicing the need to shift approximately one million containers per year in South Western Sydney.

An integrated precinct does not mean more traffic from the intermodal terminal compared to SIMTA’s currently proposed intermodal terminal operating at Moorebank, as the size of the South West Sydney market and the total number of truck movements would remain the same.

We have undertaken community consultation throughout key stages of the existing SIMTA site and will continue to speak with the community as we progress through the planning process.

To find out where we are up to in the planning process, visit the Planning Process and Connecting with the Community pages.