Construction work commences for Moorebank Precinct East Stage 1

Following approval from the Department of Planning and Environment, construction of the rail and terminal facilities for the Moorebank Precinct East Stage 1 Project will commence after Wednesday 14th June 2017.

The work includes the construction of the Import Export Terminal and the rail access link from the Moorebank Precinct East (MPE) site passing through the south of the Moorebank Precinct West (MPW) site, crossing Moorebank Avenue, the Georges River and Glenfield Waste Facility and connecting to the Southern Sydney Freight Line.

The construction activities will include:

  • site establishment
  • relocation and protection of underground services
  • demolition
  • remediation
  • earthworks and excavation
  • roadworks
  • bridgeworks
  • railworks
  • utility connections
  • landscaping and fencing and minor associated controlled vegetation clearing.

Equipment to be used will include:

  • Demolition equipment
  • Earthmoving equipment
  • Mobile cranes
  • Piling machinery
  • Other plant and machinery
  • Trucks and other light vehicles

Further detail on these activities can be found in the MPE Stage 1 EIS and RtS on the Planning Documents Page of this website.


Impacts on the local community are expected to be minimal. However, minor construction related noise and vibration may be noticeable. Additional construction traffic on Moorebank Avenue and the associated arterial roads is also expected. Measures such as traffic control will be implemented to minimise disturbance associated with these activities.

The approved hours of work are Monday-Friday (7am-6pm) and Saturday (8am-1pm). Activity outside of these hours is sometimes granted when there is a need to access the site urgently or to minimise disruption to the community. Construction is expected to continue until late 2018. Please phone 1800 986 465 should you have any enquiries.