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MPW Stage 2 EIS

SIMTA has recently submitted an Environment Impact Statement (EIS) for Stage 2 of the Moorebank Precinct West (MPW) Project, which received Concept Plan Approval (SSD5066) on 3 June 2016. The MPW Stage 2 application has been given number SSD 16_7709.

The key components of the Proposal comprise:

  • Intermodal terminal facility, including:
    • Installation of nine rail sidings and locomotive shifter
    • Truck processing and loading areas
    • Container storage area
    • Administration facility, workshop and car parking.
    • Rail link connection
    • Warehousing area with approximately 215,000m3 GFA of warehousing, plus ancillary offices and warehouse access roads
  • Upgraded intersection on Moorebank Avenue and construction of an internal road
  • Ancillary works.

This MPW Stage 2 application also now includes the importation of 1.6 million cubic metres of fill which was previously included in the MPW Modification Application (SSDMod 16_7722).  On reassessing the planning processes, SIMTA is no longer pursuing that component of the Modification Application.  The Modification is now only seeking amendment to the MPW Concept Plan to allow for the fill importation at a concept level.

The approval to physically carry out of the fill importation will now be assessed as part of this broader MPW Stage 2 application.

This imported clean fill comprises excavated sandstone from other Sydney infrastructure projects which are under construction. A large proportion of the fill is already being transported in trucks travelling through the Liverpool area on their way to sites further west.

We have lodged the EIS with the Department of Planning & Environment, which has now placed it on exhibition for public comment. To view the EIS and make a submission, visit the DP&E site here by 25 November 2016.

You can also view the EIS on our own website here.

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