For communities

This website will remain updated with the latest information relating to the Moorebank Intermodal Terminal.

We want to ensure you have easy and immediate access to the most recent information, both keeping you informed and providing a place where you can have your say.

More information or inquiries

To receive updates as they become available or to ask us a question, please complete our contact us form below.

If you have special needs or require assistance, please call 1800 986 465.


SIMTA has a strong commitment to community engagement and has actively sought out opportunities for consultation beyond what is a statutory requirement.

To date, SIMTA has:

  • Held one-on-one meetings with stakeholders to discuss their issues with the proposal
  • Provided a dedicated telephone hotline and email address for enquiries
  • Shared information through its dedicated project website
  • Advertised in local and metropolitan paper
  • Sent letters and newsletters to nearby residents about the project and about the community information centre.

We will continue to talk to the community as the project progresses, and encourage you to get in touch with any questions. For consultations currently open click here.