The Precinct

Key aspects of the design include an:

  • import-export (IMEX) terminal located on MPE, towards the centre of the site;
  • interstate terminal located on MPW, towards the centre of the site;
  • warehousing facilities surrounding the terminal facilities;
  • connection to the Southern Sydney Freight Line (SSFL) via a bridge over the Georges River connecting to the southern boundary of the precinct;
  • vehicle access from a new Moorebank Avenue/Anzac Road intersection via the M5 Motorway;
  • retention and enhancement of riverside vegetation; and
  • a piped stormwater network and detention basins to treat runoff before discharge to the Georges River, through upgraded stormwater channels.

SIMTA’s proposal is for an intermodal terminal with the capacity to process 500,000 TEUs per year by 2021 and one million TEUs per year by 2031. This is enough to meet forecast demand for the south western area of Sydney. Demand is not expected to reach one million TEUs before 2031.

The capacity of SIMTA’s proposal will increase gradually, as the demand for imported goods and the population in south-west Sydney increases over the next ten to 20 years.

What is a TEU?

TEU stands for twenty-foot equivalent unit. TEU is the measurement used when talking about capacity in container transportation.